Cat Evacuees From the Hurricane Harvey Are Looking for New Homes!

Hurricane Harvey has shaken the United States of America since it is the first major hurricane after 12 years. Operation Kindness has carried out a wonderful mission and has in its shelter a lot of cat evacuees.

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It is amazing to know that there were people and organizations who were not only working on finding shelter for people. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals together with Organization kindness have been doing an amazing job with trying to help as many animals as they possibly can.

Organization Kindness Helps Hurricane Cat Evacuees!

Organization Kindness has been existing for more than 41 years and has managed to help over 90,000 cats and dogs. They are a non-profit organization and a no-kill shelter who is trying to help every cat and dog find a happy forever home.

During the hurricane Harvey period they have been taking care of cat evacuees. The animals that have been in the shelters closer to the hurricane have been emptied. However, organizations such as Organization Kindness have been taking care of them instead.

Cat owners can visit the shelter in order to find their pets. The shelter has medical teams who is going to examine the cats and some will go into foster care. Foster care is inevitable since the shelter needs the space so they can provide shelter for as many cats as they can. The shelter will be grateful of everyone that would like to foster since they need any help they can get. It will make a difference not only for the shelter, but for the animals as well.

The foster cats are going to be ready to search for their forever home as soon as there is enough space. In the meantime Organization Kindness will continue to take amazing care of all the cat evacuees. If you want to help, please share this post and visit the official FB page of Operation Kindness.

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