Cat Goes Crazy Over a Treat of Whipped Cream!

Being a cat owner and having a kitty as a part of the family it is really a treat by itself. But when trying to satisfy all their needs and even their weird food demands it’s like dealing with kids on your own. But you can’t say that you don’t like it, admit that you like making your furry friend happy because it makes you happy. This cat named Marmalade goes crazy over whipped cream…

cat goes crazy treat whip cream 3

When this cat hears the sound of the can rambling up and down he knows it is treat time! No matter at what part of the house he is he can hear the sound of hissing can and he comes rushing into the kitchen like Flash Gordon! His human dad knows that this is bad for her, but regardless he wants to indulge her a little bit just to see those watery eyes happy and satisfied.

Now, cats go crazy about a lot of things, especially for food but it is the meaty stuff they die for…well not this cat! This cat loves her whipped cream. It is the treat he won’t miss it for anything in the world. The way he anticipates for the small portion he is about to eat and the delight in her eyes while he is licking her owners finger topped with the cream is magic, but just before he realize that that is it, no more whipped cream after this small portion.

cat goes crazy treat whip cream 1

This cat goes crazy over her sweet treat every time he has it, even though it is small he will still look forward for the next one tomorrow.

Find the few things that bring your cat pleasure and I promise you that after their small moment of joy they will return it to you with snuggles and attention.

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