Experiment: Cat Haters Get to Meet Little Kittens for the First Time!

Today we will witness an unbelievable conversion of cat haters. We explain this in three stages.

Stage 1 – Opinions. Most of the interviewed haters have a negative opinion about cats. Some think cats often bite, that they are unreliable, that they scratch, that they hate human so human return the mutual dislike, that they have creepy claws and that they meow a lot.

Stage 2 – Direct encounter. Cat haters are presented with a box in which there are little kittens. When they see the small cutie most of them laugh, show care, are amazed, find the kittens cute, say hello, some of the people are nervous and some of them even hug them.

Stage 3 – Haters no more. Understandably! The final statements of the cat haters were that it is impossible not to love these kittens, that some cats are good, some are bad, some of the cat haters remained reserved, but some of them were even willing to adopt. Kittens, you nailed them!

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