Blood Is Not Water- Cat Helps Her Younger Sister Get Her Toy!

This wonderful animal siblings story will make you go hug your sibling or best friend who has been there for you! It is a story of an older cat that helps her sister to get what she wants. A real hero for the young kitten.

The two cats are sitting in a room when the little one starts meowing for her favorite toy. But, she cannot get to the toy because it is put on a high shelf. The little kitty is not able to climb so high and to get the toy for herself. Then, the bigger sister appears to save the day.

She first sits on the bed, looking her sister crying for the toy. She immediately started deliberating the plan of how to help her. She went off the bed, stood next to her, jumped once or twice and there it is! The toy fell, the little kitten is now happy and stopped meowing!

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