Winter Relationship: This Cat Keeps Falling Asleep Next to a Heater!

Busao-san is one very smart kitty from Japan. He knows exactly how to spend the cold winter days. This cat falls asleep next to a heater and doesn’t care if it is freezing cold outside.

Busao-san has found the perfect place for nice and relaxing naps. Even if he is not sleeping, he still loves to be close to the space heater. At times, he seems mesmerized by the electric coils inside the heater. He would sit right next to it and stare at it for a very long time. Sometimes he even touches the heater to feel the warmth of his favorite object beneath his paw.

If he is not curled up next to the heater, he finds other warm places to chill. For example a big tea pot seems for Busao-san like a perfect source of warmth. All he cares about is not being cold during winter and we bet no one can blame him for it.

Photo Credits: @tanryug via IG

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