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Cat in Labor Has the Best Birth Partner Ever! This Will Melt Your Heart!

Having a birth partner can ease so much of the labor. The one that is the partner doesn’t even have to do anything. Being there for the mother and showing a support is more than enough.

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When an animal is giving birth, there is not much we can do. The only thing is to sit there and watch the process and hope for the best and no complications.

Cat in Labor Has the Most Unusual Birth Partner and It’s a Dog…

The cat in labor has been filmed by her human parents not just because the miracle of birth, but for the birth partner that the cat has. Their dog is there as well. The dog is helping the cat during the labor, helping her and licking the baby kittens and welcoming them into the world.

This is very unusual because a dog is helping a cat and he is taking care of the kittens even though in some ways that is unconventional. The cat being tired and in pain doesn’t seem to mind having this unusual birth partner. On the contrary, she is accepting his help with great relief, it seems. When a kitten is out into the world the dog is the next, to welcome it right after the mother. Once the mother smells them and licks them for good luck the dog takes over and proceeds with the bath.

There are many videos as examples that this kind of unconventional love and kindness between cats and dogs exists. Many of the videos going through the internet break the belief that it is impossible for cats and dogs to love each other. This specific video shows that the dog really feels the pain that the cat is going through and in this case he can help the cat more than the humans can.

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