Cat Left Home to Go on a Journey! She Came Back With a Present!

When the cat named Posey appeared on Claudia Wright’s doorstep she brought along three other kittens along with her. Claudia decided to adopt Posey and found happy families for the little kittens. Posey the cat left home one day and went on a little adventure when she brought back a little friend.

The tiny kitten was only 7 weeks-old and Claudia made sure that it didn’t belong to anyone from her neighborhood. Since the kitten wasn’t lost and the motherly instincts made her cat bring her back with her, Claudia decided to give Meesy a home. She bottle-fed the baby kitten and made sure she is well and healthy.

Meesy has found a happy home and will get all the love and cuddles she will ever need since both mommies love her very much.

Has your cat ever brought any friends home?

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

Photo Credits: Claudia Wright

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