This Cat Doesn’t Let Her Human Play Video Games Alone!

When your cat decides to do something she is going to do it and there is nothing you can do to stop her. This cat doesn’t let her human play video games because she wants to get some cuddles.

Nala is a gorgeous cat that likes to have all the attention of her humans for herself. This means that they shouldn’t dare to pay more attention to the television than to her. Her human who loves to play video games has a really hard time when he tries to do it. Whenever Nala spots him playing something, she immediately jumps on top of him and demands some petting.

No one can deny this lovely ball of fluff, so he has to put down the controller and spend some time cuddling with his feline friend.

Would you get annoyed if your cat did this?

Let us know if you have struggled with this in the comments below.

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