This Adorable Cat LIKES HUGS and It’s Not Afraid to Ask for Them! I Need Her!

This cat likes hugs – a lot! Given the fact that cats are well known for a more of independent animals this one will surprise you. This white and black, tuxedo cat will spread her paws and wait for her momma to lift her and give her a hug.

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Cat Likes Hugs More Than Anything Else…

One might say that cats are cuter than other pet animals but cats are not your sociable gems. As a cat parent, I would say that I really enjoy and look forward run my fingers through the soft coat and enjoy the softness of it. There would be nothing sweeter than having to hug that cute kitty every time I have the need to relax and feel loved. But my cat is not that ‘’human’’ person and she ask for my attention only when she’s hungry.

Looking at this video made me feel jealous at the lady that owns this cat. This cat of hers is giving her love unconditionally, without any hidden agendas or plans. Regardless the time or place this beautiful tuxedo cat will ask and spread her paws waiting for a hug. The lady will lift her up and hug the cat. When they do this so to call the routine, it looks like the woman is lifting a baby or a child not a cat. Watching the video carefully it seems like this is very often a situation in this human’s home. When the cat meets the mother regardless which room she is, she is taking the opportunity to have a hug.

This cat likes hugs, and that gives a complete meaning to the part where you have a pet to love, because being met with a cat that will hug you no matter what is the best thing ever.

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