This Cat Man Takes Care of Almost 300 Felines! See How He Manages to Do That!

Glen Venezio is the name of the Cat Man who takes care of almost 300 cats. These cats roam the streets of Puerto Rico and Glen is the only one who is looking after them. Glen is the only source of food and drink for these cats and he has been for the few years now.

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This Cat Man Is Taking Care of Street Cats, but Is Being Scared of Humans…

Glen says that the very moment he moved to this town, he had noticed the huge number of street cats that were starving. What is even worst, he says these cats were abused by humans on a daily basis since they have no owners and live in the alleys.

This brave Cat Man is leaving his house every night at midnight with a big shopping cart filled with cat food and feeds the cats. He says that the reason why he is doing this at night is so he can get away from the sight of angry people who don’t like cats. He says that when people see him feed the street cats he is being threatened, and that is the reason why there is a police officer with him every night keeping him safe.

Glen gets to fill the big cart with the help of donations and very often from his own pocket. This wonderful Cat Man has a big heart and he says that it is very hard to go back and stop what he has been doing for several years. ‘’It is hard for a person that has opened his heart and mind, trying to find a way to help these cats, to go back and pretend like they don’t exist’’ – he said.

Every time he goes outside his house, Glen is aware that he has to get out that very night and feed the cats so they can survive.

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