Cat Meows Every Time She Makes Eye Contact with His Human!

Cats are mysterious creatures and it is definitely impossible to figure out why they do some things. For example, this cat meows whenever his human makes eye contact with him.

The kitty’s name is Pusic and he was rescued by a Belorussian couple. They found him in a box in front of their house and ever since he has been a part of their family. He is a loving kitty which loves to cuddle with his humans all the time.

When they are not cuddling he clearly likes to stare at them and whenever they look at him he meows. There are no exceptions and it is absolutely adorable. However, when his human is not making eye contact there is absolutely no reason for Pusic to meow.

Why do you think he meows?

Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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