Cat Kept Baby Safe Before the Little Hooman Was Even Born!

The tuxedo cat named Panda was making sure that the human baby is safe before it was even born.

When she was brought to her new home, Panda immediately bonded with her human mom. She loves sleeping and cuddling with Liel Ainmar Assayag. However, when she got pregnant, the kitty began following her around all the time. She would also constantly tuck her head into her mommy’s belly and purr. For 9 months she was cuddling with the belly and when the baby came into the world it all changed.

Panda was no longer cuddling with her mommy’s belly, but she was now cuddling with her human brother. When she met him for the first time she was quite confused. However, as soon as she sniffed him it seemed like she realized who he was. Sean has a really sweet feline sister which makes sure that he is always safe.

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