Caring Cat Gets Her Own ‘ Feathered Kittens ‘!

On a farm near Clara, Ireland a lovely mother cat adopted three adorable ‘ feathered kittens ‘.

Ronan and Emma Lally wanted to get some ducks and got fertilized eggs. However, when the ducklings hatched and Ronan went to check on them they were all missing. The couple was really worried that their cat Della might have eaten the little ducklings.

What they didn’t know is that their kitty just gave birth to three little kittens. When she wondered on the farm she found the cute ducklings and decided to take care of them as well. Her motherly instinct made her want to nurture the ducklings together with her kittens.

The couple was completely dumbfounded that their cat was even nursing them. The duckling’s new foster mother was keeping them warm and very well fed. As they grew bigger she had a hard time controlling them since they easily became independent. However, her feathered babies no matter how big were still attached to their feline mother.

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