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Warning! Disturbing Scene: Cat Saves Toddler From a Dog Attack!

This particular video shows how a cat saves toddler from being attacked by a dog. The footage is homemade, unprofessional, but the owners of it took their time to make it clear about the attack.

The video shows a little boy making the best of a sunny day, riding a bike outside. The boy, minding his own business all of the sudden gets attacked by a short yellow dog.

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Cat Saves Toddler at the Right Moment!

The video shows that the boy is playing out in his own front yard not disturbing the neighbors or their pets. But, the cameras that are obviously set around the house show something else. While the boy is playing, carefree, a small yellow dog notices him and starts running towards him. All of the sudden the dog attacks the boy and starts pulling on the boy’s lower part of the leg.

Once the dog grabbed the boy’s leg he knocks him down the bike. Starts pulling hard and moves him in a whole circle. The boy is obviously confused and scared, but the dog would not let go of him. The interesting part is that at the very same moment the dog attacks the boy, their cat runs to rescue. Black cat throws herself at the dog without any second thoughts.

The video is clearly showing that cat saves toddler at the right time. Once the cat jumps on the dog he immediately backs off and surprisingly doesn’t attack the cat back but leaves. At this point anyone would think that the cat is going to get the bitter end, but think again. Just to make sure that the dog leaves and the boy are safe, the cat runs after the dog for a while. The boy is fine, his mother checked up on him, but she should be very grateful to their cat.

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