Cat Sisters with Deformed Legs Finally Get Tiny Casts!

The three cat sisters Phyllis, Michonne and Fleur Bunny were born with deformed legs. When they were very little since they didn’t weight much, they were able to walk easily. However, as they got bigger their front legs simply couldn’t withstand their weight.

Fleur Bunny was doing much better than the other two. Phyllis and Michonne were supposed to get their legs amputated, but their foster mom decided to seek for a better way to help them. This is how they got tiny casts for their legs.

While Michonne’s legs healed almost completely, Phyllis’ legs are never going to be able to recover. However, she is still going to get around in her own unique way. These kittens are full of energy and they simply don’t let their disability get the best of them. Thanks to all the love that they are receiving the sisters continue to live life to the fullest.

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