A Cat Smelling Popcorn for the 1st Time! Her Reaction Is All of Us!

It often happens that we and our dearest fluffy members of our family eat the same food. However, the reaction often is not the same, so in this video we witness a cat smelling popcorn for the first time in her life.

In fact, the cat has the same reaction of a human being seeing a strange food for the first time. The little cutie is skeptical at first, staring at the little spongy white dots, and then, of course, she dives right into the popcorn by putting her tiny, lovely face into the whole bowl, even though it remains unknown whether she does it because the popcorn is warm, or because she is just curious. She continues with the exploration of this unknown food to her by licking and touching it.

It might be the case that your cat loves this delightful food, so next time you should make some extra bowl of popcorn!

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