Cat Stops MLB Game and Completely Steals the Spotlight!

It is not the first time for a game to be paused because an animal somehow ended up on the field. This adorable gray cat stops MLB game and becomes an instant star!

It was just another regular day at the Marlins Park. Everyone was excited about the game between Marlins and Braves and really enjoying it until it got interrupted.

The gray kitty stole the spotlight and as usual he had no plan to let them get him easily. Not only did he run across the field, but also climbed on one of the fences protecting a vertical TV screen. No one was able to reach him so he found himself a new chilling space at the home run sculpture.

Do you think this was Marlins’ lucky charm?

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Cat on the loose at Marlins Park

This cat’s got MOVES.

Posted by MLB on Tuesday, April 11, 2017

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