This Cat Behaves Exactly Like A Dog! She Loves Playing Fetch As Well!

Do not worry! We are not bringing that Bruce Jenner transitioning drama here! That is too lame for the animal world. But, we are going to focus our attention on a cat that idolizes the creature called a dog. She idolizes him to that extent that she is even playing fetch like a dog.

How does she do that? Well, the position her body always takes is the one of a dog. Lying on her four waiting prepared for immediately jumping and starting to play. Furthermore, her tongue is sticking out and panting like the dog’s one. Oh, and the most important part! The tail!

The cat wags the tail exactly like a dog. She is also playing fetch without any problems. Her parent throws something and the cat is immediately going after it and brings it back. However, she has nevertheless, maintained her gracious royal cat movements! Congratulations cat, you are a perfect animal imitator!

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