Cat vs Alligator the Epic 1st Meeting! Who Got Scared?

Everyone has been all worked up about the fight between McGregor and Mayweather, but we have prepared a match much more exciting than that. An exciting cat vs alligator fight and you won’t believe your eyes of what you’re seeing.

cat vs alligator meeting scared scaredy fearless 2

Cat vs Alligator: Who Will Win?

Cats are fierce. They are ready to challenge any animal or anything in general. Did someone mention a bear? Yes the cat is probably going to win that fight. A dog? That is too easy of a task. A cat can slap her way out of things but it can also slap enemies out of her turf and show them who is boss.

Cats can sometimes be overly curious about things and get so close to things which are dangerous it makes our heart stop for a moment. They have so much courage in them that a small regular domestic cat ends up acting like a big wild cat.

In this cat vs alligator video we can see just how fearless cats can be. We as humans would never go close to an alligator knowing that it can literally rip us apart. We wouldn’t even be comfortable to be in its presence. This cat on the other hand looks so calm and collected it’s amazing.

In the beginning of the video it’s just sitting down in the alligator’s vicinity all relaxed. For no obvious reason besides defending its territory it decides to get closer to the alligator. While all the humans are panicking that the cat is going to get eaten by the alligator, the cat gives the alligator a hard slap. The slap makes the alligator retreat in the water right away and the cat comes out as a champion in this fight.

The people in the video give her a standing ovation and so do we, such courage deserves to be praised.

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