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Cat Waited 10 Days for Her Best Buddy to Come Back Home!

This little happy reunion happened in May 2012. Jasper the cat waited 10 days for her canine companion to return home.

Their owner didn’t think Jasper will get so emotional because of Bow-Z’s return. The lovely black cat clearly missed her best buddy very much and we are very lucky that their owner decided to film the adorable encounter.

While Bow-Z might look a little bit indifferent towards the situation, Jasper gives his friend a welcoming tight hug around the neck. He definitely doesn’t want to let go and as soon as Bow-Z wants to move, Jasper’s grip only tightens. The hugs are absolutely adorable and he probably made up his mind and won’t allow the dog to ever leave him again.

Did the lovely reunion warm your heart up?

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