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What Are These Cats Fighting For? The Dog is Not Impressed!

If you own a cat then you probably know the struggle. Cats love boxes more than any other space you have in your house. These cats fighting are trying to establish who the box is going to belong to.

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Cats Fighting for a Box – the True Everyday Story!

The lovely box. It cannot be shared. The box can have only one owner and only the strongest one will become victorious. Will the box fall into the right hands? Well I guess we need to be biased to answer that question.

Just because you are bigger it doesn’t mean that you are going to just take the box without a fight. It might not be a long fight, but it simply had to happen. There are no other places to lay down nor sit all around the house. Only the box. There is something about cats and boxes and never fails to amuse us. The dog on the other hand, doesn’t look so impressed to be honest. It just seems like it’s wondering “What the hell are these cats fighting for”.

Cats love to put their furry bodies into tight places because it helps them maintain their body temperature. This means that the smaller the box, the more appealing it will look into the cats eyes. This is not the only reason behind their soft spot for boxes. The boxes can represent their place for escape. A place that will keep them away from all of their troubles. Curling up in a box can make them feel secure and can relieve their stress levels.

To have two cats and one box seems rather unfair so the owner definitely needs to get some more boxes. If he doesn’t we just hope the cats will maintain a good relationship and won’t fight too much for it.

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