Cats Were Found Lying on the Floor After Eating Marijuana Plants!

Cats can be mischievous and whenever we are not around they can do all sorts of silly things. This woman for example found her two cats laying on the floor after eating some of her marijuana plants.

We know that cats have a thing for catnip, but we had no idea that they would like some marijuana as well. The plants needed some light since the woman’s grow light broke down so she thought it was a smart move to move the plants on the porch. The plants were there for around 15-20 minutes and it was more than enough time for kittens to have a taste.

When she wanted to move the plants back inside she found her cats completely sprawled out on the floor and it looks like they did enjoy munching on them.

Do you think it had the same effect as catnip?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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