When Cats Meet Balloons for the First Time…

It is well known that cats are rather curious creatures. They want to see everything, touch everything, smell everything, inspect everything… The subject to inspection this time was balloons! This is the first time that we analyze cats’ encounters with balloons, and all of them are absolutely hilarious! Here’s what we concluded.

It is a fact that cats are rather intrigued by balloons and want to play with them. Not a single cat ignored a balloon. However, when they are in irregular shape, or color, usually helium ones, the cats tend to get angry and start hissing to tear down the whole balloon. Others try to play with balloons filled with water, but they are too heavy for the little kittens.

Other cats want to taste the balloon. They lick it until the balloon bursts! But, when they burst, the cats run like hell as far away as possible! The final and most certain conclusion is that cats will play with the balloon until it pops!

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