Chauncey Might Snatch the Crown for the Cutest Kitten in the World!

Every cat lover is most likely going to say that all cats are cute and beautiful. However, is there any possible way to choose one which is going to be the cutest kitten of them all? Probably not. This doesn’t mean that the absolutely adorable kitten from this video doesn’t have the chance.

It is just simply impossible to pick just one, since there are so many kitties in the world which are extremely cute. In this particular video though, it seems like Chauncey is practicing how to show off her cuteness.

She looks really comfortable just lying down on her back in the middle of the room. This is literally all it takes for this kitten to steal your heart right away. Chauncey is totally ready to get crowned as the cutest kitten in the world and we doubt that anyone would be mad about it.

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