Cheetah Meowing? I Did Not Expect This Sound!

Cheetahs are big wild cats so no one expects them to do anything else besides roaring. This cheetah meowing proves us otherwise.

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Cheetah Meowing – Is It an Exception or Is It Common?

Cheetahs are the fastest land animals in the animal kingdom, that’s a fact that probably everyone knows. Their habitat is mainly in Africa and their bodies have evolved in a way that they can reach 112km/h. Their long legs and elongated spine helps them achieve their great speed.

They are really good hunters and their amazing speed is a great help when it comes to hunting. Cheetahs can chase down probably every land prey they can set their eyes on. They use a lot of their energy during these chases so they don’t last that long.

What’s really fascinating about cheetahs is the sounds they are able to produce. They do not roar and this is probably the type of picture we have in our heads when it comes to big cats. It is quite the contrary though since only four of the big cat species can actually roar. These four species are lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars. The reason behind this is what can be found in their throats.

The big cats that roar is the hyoid bone which is flexible and is complemented with a ligament which helps them with the producing of the roars. The cheetah has only a hyoid bone, but their bone is completely hardened and it stops them from roaring. Instead, they are able to make purring sounds and meows since their anatomy is similar to domestic cats.

The cheetah meowing gives us the feeling of a domestic cat for sure. No matter how big they are it makes them look really cute, but don’t get fooled. Cheetahs are wild cats and vicious hunter and they can most likely shred you into pieces if they want to.

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