Chickens Can’t Get Enough of This Fat Cat Posing for Them!

Scruffles shares his home with a lot of other animals. This means that he needs to show what separates him from everyone else. Besides the typical lying around being lazy all day, one thing that this cat is really good at is posing for the chickens.

He loves to spend time near the screen door where the chickens can stare at him with amazement. It is not like he does something extraordinary, but they still can’t take their eyes off of him. Scruffles likes to spend time with them all around the house, not only through the glass. However, it seems like he likes it the most when they are appreciating his beauty and poses.

When he is not fascinating the chickens, he loves to cause mischief with the other cat buddies.

Why do you think they are so amazed by his poses?

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