It Turned Out Cloned Cats Are Not Exactly The Same as We Expected!

Well, it turned out that cloned cats are not exactly the same as expected! Mourning human parents wanted to have their loved cat back again but, were they in a surprise when it didn’t turn out the way they wanted!

Color orange playing tricks on science…

cloned cats different expectations 2

In 2001, Texas A&M University introduced the first cloned cat named CC – ‘’copy cat’’, which was tiger tabby while her mother Rainbow was calico cat. You can imagine the surprise the scientists had when they noticed this! It turned out that the color orange can be activate or deactivate, if active the orange patches will show the color orange, once deactivated will show the color black.

There is also a weird thing about white coloring, meaning, while in fetal development the cells, called melanocytes that produce the white pigment migrate across the cat’s skin. These cells move from the back to the stomach area, but, if they start moving in later phase of fetal developing they will not reach the belly meaning this will leave big areas of white spots on the legs and the belly.

Even cloned cats such as the tuxedo will have a different color pattern.

cloned cats different expectations 3

Discovering things like these made the whole cloning science realize that nothing can be brought back the same. Cloned cats, just like identical twins, even the single egg ones, may grow in the same womb, have no chance of being identical. I believe that this is a way that Mother Nature tells us that there is no such thing as identical double living thing.

So next time when you feel bad about losing your cat and wishing you can have it back, don’t wish for a cloned cat, visit a shelter and adopt a different one and enjoy the unique kind of beauty that will give you.

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