This Company Makes the Perfect Stuffed Replicas of Your Pets!

The idea of creating stuffed replicas of pets popped up in Jenifer Williams’ mind in 2005. She was enjoying the company of her Great Dane Rufus, when she thought that it would be really great if she could have a stuffed animal of her dog.

Jennifer didn’t want just a plushie of any Great Dane… She wanted one which is going to be based on Rufus. After Rufus passed away in 2009, she decided that it is time to work on the idea she had years ago. She started her company Cuddle Clones! Here, anyone can get a lovely stuffed animal who is going to be custom-made to look just like their pet.

In some of the cases it is even hard to recognize which one is the replica and which is the real pet.

Would you like to have a stuffed replica of your pet?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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