Curious Kitten Starts A Meowing Match with the Family Chihuahua Dog!

These two siblings seem to have very little in common. Jacques is a curious kitten who loves to explore. His sister Belle on the other hand loves to nap and to stay cozy in her blanket.

It would be hard to tell the two kittens apart when it comes to their appearance. However, their personalities are completely different. As you can see, Jacques uses any opportunity he has to go on little adventures around the house. He really enjoys inspecting every single place.

On one of these occasions he left his sister all alone in their blanket. The tiny white kitten was really relaxed until the family dog came along. Pucci the chihuahua decided to get really close to the little kitten, but he had no idea that such a small thing can be so fierce. She immediately hissed at him, chasing the poor dog away.

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