Cuteness Alert! This Is What Four Little Kittens Do When Everybody Is Asleep!

These four little kittens were found at abandoned property. They were left on their own. Chris took them and made them feel loved and secure. He loves them so much and he likes spending time with them and their naughty behavior.

Cute four little kittens night vision camera everybody asleep 2

Four Little Kittens Caught on a Night Vision Camera….

Chris thought that it would be an interesting idea if he placed a night vision camera in the kitten’s box. He did that for four nights and he wasn’t disappointed at all. It turned out that these little kittens had even more fun when alone. They kept their naughty behavior, even when nobody was watching. And what’s worse, they seemed to have even more fun at night when they were supposed to sleep and rest.

Well, for what is worth there are four little kittens and there are some toys there as well. So it turns out that the day is not enough for them to explore the opportunities that these toys give to them. So when the night falls is play time!!!

One of the kittens seems more hype than the others, he is the one jumping around the cage and messing with the others. It is like he is saying to them – come on guys, the night is young, let us make the best of it! After a while the others join in and the party starts. All of them are jumping, climbing the cage, they drop on the ground – but no worries they are all fine.

The best part is when they get close to the camera and explore it with their cute little eyes and noses, ahhhhhh!

Chris made this video so he can show people how much these little kittens are adorable. This is his way to help them get adopted easier and faster. But, he couldn’t help mentioning that he will miss them very much.

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