Cute Raccoon Begs a Cat to Be Friends With Him! Her Response…

Raccoons are one of the cutest wild animals. They might not be so great when they roam around and ruining things in our attics and houses, but this cute raccoon is a nice little fellow.

Cute Raccoon Gets Rejected!

There hasn’t been much evidence of cats and raccoons being friends overall, but this particular cute raccoon gets really ignored. Raccoons might be famous for stealing, but unfortunately he doesn’t manage to steal this cats heart no matter how hard he tries.

The cat is just chilling on the sofa while the raccoon is trying to reach for it. It is a little bit heartbreaking since it’s arms are not so long and it can’t reach the kitten. It definitely looks like it just wants to grab the kitten and take it away with it. The cat on the other hand doesn’t seem to approve its actions. Whenever the raccoon gets too close, it just gets away. It just doesn’t want those raccoon hands all over its face.

Of course to make it even harder for the poor raccoon, who obviously just wants to share some affection, a human has to step in. He puts the cat even further back which makes it even more impossible for the raccoon to reach it. Not only did he get dumped by this cute little cat , but this human also brought disappointment for the cute little raccoon.

Cat and raccoons are not overall well known for being friends! So at the end of the day it is OK. Hopefully the silly raccoon will realize that he has only been choosing the wrong species. Maybe next time instead of a cat it will go for a fellow raccoon and he will be able to make an amazing new friend. We will have our fingers crossed that that one will like getting his head pulled a bit more than this cat did.

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