Cute Sleepy Kitten Talks and Cuddles with His Bunny!

Videos of kittens are always adorable and this particular video you can watch below is simply too cute. Featuring a tiny sleepy kitten and his favorite toy this video is about to melt your heart.

Cats can have lots of toys, but sometimes there’s that one toy they can never get enough of. Such is the case of Osamu and his little pink bunny toy. He has become a part of a family of nine cats and we bet he is the cutest one.

Before falling asleep he has a little chat with his bunny and he doesn’t let go of it. After a couple of meows he dozes off in his little bed, giving the toy a tight hug. We promise the video is going to be one of the most adorable things you will ever see.

Does your cat have a favorite toy?

Let us know if they do in the comments below.


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