Is This The Cutest Thing Ever? A Baby & A Kitten Meow Simultaneously!

If you put together a child and a kitten, it will of course be pretty cute by itself. A combination of a child and a kitten making meowing noises together will result in the cutest thing ever.

This Interaction Is the Cutest Thing Ever!

It is great when children get the chance to grow up with animals. In a way they learn how to become more responsible about the things surrounding them since they need to take care of their pets. Also, there is no doubt that you will get the chance to experience a lot of adorable moments of them together. Everything is cuter when it is small and this rule applies even to us humans. If the video was with an adult and a kitten it wouldn’t have had the cutest thing ever result.

Cats tend to give out a mysterious vibe accompanied by sometimes adorable and sometimes really annoying meows. Little do people know is that cats are not actually vocal in this manner with their fellow felines. They meow mostly so they can communicate with their owners. They might be meowing only for seeking attention or because they are hungry, but the bottom line is they only meow with us. It is a language system that cat owners develop with their cats and that is pretty amazing.

In this video we can see how an adorable child is holding a kitten and is trying to communicate with the cat. He does this of course with meowing. The child makes some pretty cute meows itself which are followed by some really cute high-pitched meows from the kitten. The two buddies seem to be on the same page and discussing the same topic. It seems like they really understand each other and we are happy they speak each other’s language.

OMG this is the cutest thing I've EVER seen!

Posted by Fluffy's World on Sunday, September 3, 2017

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