A Cool Dad Taught His New Kitten How to Play Hide-And-Seek! The Moment When She Turns the Corner…

Kittens are literally always adorable. Whether they cuddle or play with something they make us feel like there’s nothing on the planet that can be as cute as they are. This guy managed to teach his new kitten how to play hide-and-seek and it is hilarious.

Cats manage to have fun with anything they set their paws upon. You don’t need to get them any expensive cat toys. A simple shoe lace can do the trick and they can play with it endlessly. Greg Torkarski doesn’t need anything in order to have some fun with his kitten. They learned how to play hide-and-seek together and as you can see in the video they have lots of fun while playing. The reactions from Buttons whenever he sees Greg are absolutely hysterical.

Do you play any fun games with your cat?

Let us know in the comments below.

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