Dear Kitten – the Best Cat Food Commercial You Have Ever Seen?

Friskies and Buzzfeed released one of the most interesting commercials you can come across. The Dear Kitten campaign is definitely very educative for the little felines.

The video features an old domestic cat giving the little kitten a life lesson. He tries to teach him all the tricks that will make his life easier. Apparently he had his own tutor who showed him what he is supposed to do around the house.

He gives answers for all the questions a little kitten might have. One of the biggest mysteries is the laser and this master has taught his apprentice that the red spot can actually be caught. He has done it before and he has held it between his paws.

The food is advertised in an adorable way where the cat thinks that the wet food is kept in little armored metal casings.

Do you think this ad is amazing?

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