After 10 Years in a Shelter This TAILLESS Cat Still Hasn’t Found A HOME! Let’s Help Her!

Not every cat manages to find a happy home as fast as they want. This unfortunate beauty, who happens to be a tailless cat has spent 10 years of living in a shelter.

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The story began in 2006 when the tailless cat called Sabrina was only 6 months-old. She was hit by a car and because of the accident her tail was broken. Unfortunately for little Sabrina it had to be amputated. After the accident and brought to a rescue group from Los Angeles, California called Sante D’Or.

The rescue group did everything they possibly can to help this lovely cat. Thanks to them she managed to get back up on her feet and the Sante D’Or’s volunteers make sure they tend to her needs.

The Truth Why the Tailless Cat Didn’t Get Adopted Yet!

She is a beautiful cat and according to Joan Afton from Sante D’Or she is very sweet and loves to play. Getting her cheeks scratched is one of her favourite things in the world, even if the person petting her is a complete stranger. Sabrina is not an ordinary cat though. She needs a little bit more cat than an average house cat.

After the accident she had a surgery, which left her with some problems. Unlike every house cat that likes to use the litter box, Sabrina to everyone’s surprise likes to use something else. She uses a water dish instead. Another special little trait is that she needs sponge baths from time to time on the rear area. These little quirks are probably what kept people away from adopting her.

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Besides all this at the end of the day she still is a lovely cat that gets a lot of love from the rescue group. They are very happy to have her there and to take care of her until maybe one day someone wants to finally adopt her. Therefore, please share this post with your friends and family, so we can easily find a home for this beauty!

For more info about the adoption of this kitty, visit the official Facebook Page of Santé D’Or.

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