DIY Cat Maze From 50 Boxes! Your Cat Will Love It!

There is something about cats and boxes. They can never get enough of it, so imagine a whole cat maze made out of boxes. Doesn’t that sound just like cat heaven?

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Boxes: If It Fits, the Cat Will for Sure Sits!

Cats might not always be thrilled when you get them new toys. Maybe you bought a nice and expensive cat scratching post or a fabulous climbing frame and yet your cat doesn’t really care about them.

Research has shown that boxes have a therapeutic effect on the cats. Since they resemble a hiding place, boxes significantly reduce the stress levels. It brings the cats comfort and makes them feel more at ease. The boxes also help them escape their problems. That’s why when they are running away from their problems the box resembles a safe place where they can hide from everyone and everything. The simplest explanation why they sit in whichever box they fit is that curling up in a small box helps them preserve their body temperature.

50 Boxes DIY Cat Maze!

The lucky owners of the amazing cat maze are Cole and Marmalade. They already have a good amount of loyal fans all over the social media. The video their owner Chris has posted on the 8th of August shows us how these two beauties have fun with the DIY cat maze. This might be the easiest way to build a maze since the only material you need to build it is boxes. Not one or two though, this maze is made out of 50 boxes. Chris cut some holes in them so they can slide through from box to box. He also lined them up creating an amazing maze.

In the video you can witness Cole and Marmalade having lots of fun jumping in the boxes and going through the little “tunnels”. This cat maze made out of boxes looks just like every cat’s dream maze.

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