Very Cool! DIY Food Vending Machine to Keep Your Cat Hunting Tokens for Its Food!

We all pamper out precious kittens. If you want to spice things up when it comes to feeding your cat, the food vending machine might be just what you need.

What everyone needs to have in mind though is that you can’t just purchase a feeder and expect it to work magically. Before you even think of purchasing one you need to train your cat and yes cats are not the easiest animals to train. After you make sure you have trained your cat sufficiently, you have the green light to get your food vending machine.

Food vending machine cat monkey tokens obese exercise 2

This type of feeder can be great for your cat since it’s going make its eating time more exciting and rewarding. It will be able to on little hunts around the house, searching for it’s pray so it can eat.

What Food Vending Machine Are All About!

One of the greatest perks about feeders is that it regulates both obese cats and the ones that rather picky about eating.

When purchasing a feeder, it should be taken into consideration on how much food the feeder dispenses. There are also different food dispensers for wet and dry cat food. If you put wet food in a dry food dispenser, it can only result in a disaster. Another really important things to keep in mind is that the feeder should be sturdy enough. Do not by a cheep feeder that your cat can just break and eat the food regardless in the end.

The machine that Ben Millam has built for his cat Monkey is not something you can purchase. Luckily for you though he has posted all the steps on how you can do it for yourself. If you are up for the challenge you can visit his website and find out all about it.

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