DIY Sushi for Cats! Yummy Treat for Your Fur Baby!

Every once in a while you might want to give your kitten a nice little treat. The sushi for cats that Jun Yoshizuki prepared in his video are perfect for such an occasion.

Home-Made Cat Food vs. Store Cat Food!

We all want the best for our precious kittens, but sometimes we might be a bit wrong with our assumptions of what the best is. While home-made food can sound delicious for us humans that doesn’t mean that it will do your cat any good.

DIY sushi for cats treat fur ball

There are various reasons why the cat food you can purchase in the stores is good for your cat. During different stages of its life, your cat will require different nutritions. Little kittens require one type of food, which is completely different from an adult cat. An adult cat also needs different food from an old cat. The mass-produced cat food takes care of these nutritious needs that our cats have. Not every single one of us is going to be aware of which ingredients are not good for out cats when we prepare home-made food. Consuming a lot of organ meats and milk and cheese for example, can cause them health issues.

Jun’s Sushi for Cats!

Jun Yoshizuki likes to prepare sushi for cats for his special little buddies. It might be a little bit time- consuming and requires some skills, but the result will definitely pay off. In his video he prepares the sushi out of:

• sashimi tuna
• sea bream and chicken breast
• broad beans
• Japanese mustard spinach
• bonito broth and corn starch water

Unlike your regular sushi instead of rice he uses a base that is made out of chicken. The chicken is cooked first and made into a thick paste. He presents this lovely treat to both of his cats next to plate with canned food. Both cats reach for the sushi right away and munch on the lovely home-made treat, while completely ignoring the canned food.

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