Dog Critic Judges His Human’s Flute Playing. He Doesn’t Like It!

Everyone’s taste in music is different. Some might love to listen to a flute playing, while others will despise it. This dog critic is probably of the latter ones.

Trying to become a successful musician must be really hard in this house, when they have a such a picky critic around. He doesn’t even want to bother and look at her playing. Just listening was more than enough and he already knows that she needs to stop.

Every time she attempts to play her flute, in the background you can hear the dog groaning. He doesn’t want his ears to bleed, so he is letting her know that he has had enough of it.

The biggest problem was probably the fact that he was just trying to enjoy his nap when she started playing. No one wants to listen to a flute playing while trying to sleep and this dog is no exception.

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