Dog Got Shocked When After 3 Years, He Finally Saw His Human Again!

Dogs are our loyal companions and no matter how much time we might spend apart, they will never forget us. In the video below the dog got shocked when he was finally reunited with his human, after 3 long years.

He was patiently waiting at the airport terminal, probably not even knowing what is going to happen next. However, when he spotted his human, he didn’t really know how to react. He was just standing there completely confused. It seemed like he couldn’t believe his eyes. When finally realized who he was staring at, he immediately ran towards him.

He clearly couldn’t be happier to see his human. He gave him a big hug and for a while he just couldn’t calm down. Besides the lovely hugs, kisses and scratches, the beautiful reunion was also accompanied by some really adorable noises and barks.

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