The Newest Cat Advert includes a Twisted-End! Thoughts?

We are all happy when we see that animals from different species can become friends. This cat advert for Dreamies called “Best Friends” shows how a cat and a chick can have a beautiful relationship.

The commercial for the Deli-Catz treats opens with the two buddies walking through the forest enjoying each other’s company. Together they play in the woods and find their way home where they continue spending their time together. They take a nap, chase butterflies and even enjoy in the gorgeous sunset side by side.

The advert comes with a plot twist though. In the shocking ending the beautiful cat munches on the little chick. The moral of the story is “treat your cat before it treats itself” and Dreamies did an amazing job in advertising their product which contains 80% chicken.

Were you shocked by the unexpected ending?

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