Elderly Shelter Cat Gets a Wonderful Opportunity to Spend the Rest of His Life in a Bookstore!

Catsby was rescued by Cat Crusaders, but unfortunately no one wanted to adopt him because of his behavior. Nobody expected this elderly shelter cat to be adopted until Danielle Joy Whatley showed up.

His aggressive attitude towards the other animals didn’t bother the owner of the Second Edition Book Shop from Florida. She decided to give him a home and her bookstore was the perfect place for it.

It turned out that his behavior was a result of some health problems. He was suffering from a condition called Entropion which was causing a lot of irritation on his eyeballs. After the surgery, Catsby was no longer the same grumpy cat. Now he loves to spend time with everyone who comes to the store and really likes to cuddle with them.

Isn’t this a very lovely story?

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