Elderly Shelter Cat Can’t Sleep Unless His New Mom Holds His Paw!

Jamie is an elderly shelter cat which got a second chance and found a new forever home.

It is usually hard for elder cats to get adopted and find families who are going to love them. However, Jamie is one lucky cat.

He was brought to a shelter because his previous owner went to a nursing home and unfortunately Jamie couldn’t go as well. The future didn’t look very bright for the 13 year-old Burmese cat. Regardless he still managed to find his way into the heart of a young woman. She was prepared to give Jamie all the love and care he deserved.

She couldn’t be happier that she adopted Jamie since he is a very sweet and affectionate kitty. The best part of the story is that he can’t sleep unless she holds his paw. Whenever she lets go, Jamie immediately wakes up and claws her hand back to him.

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