Felines Beware – Nobody Messes With This Cat!

In life, you either mess around or somebody else messes around with you! This rule also applies to the world of felines. We will show that with a practical example of a cat that does not put up with irritating creatures!

A small little kitten found out that he is bored, but, unfortunately chose the wrong pastime. Instead of choosing to play with the traditional wool ball, this poor kitten decides to play with a much larger cat. So the kitten goes left and right, at the front and then at the back of the cat and plays with her. The cat is perfectly calm. Then the kitten tries to catch her tail. The cat is perfectly calm.

She even provokes the little kitten by moving the tail. The kitten grabs her tail and starts to play with it. The cat is perfectly furious. She jumps, beats off the little kitten and becomes perfectly calm. Kitten, do not play with her again!

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