After a Fight with the Dog, a Cat Makes the Sweetest Apology!

Normally cats and dogs don’t mess with each other. We all know that they are considered to be mortal enemies. The fight that broke down in this house between the dog and the cat had the cutest ending ever.

The one which started the fight was of course, the cat. She didn’t want the German Shepherd to get too close so she slapped him right in the face. The dog however, was not planning to back off. He kept getting close to the cat and she continued slapping him in return.

When he decided that he has had enough of the cat’s smacks, he decided to lay down in front of her and rest. It seemed like the cat is about to deliver the final blow, but decided to do something completely different. She gave her fighting buddy kisses on the snout where she punched him a bunch of times.

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