After Surviving a House Fire, Dog Finds the Cat That Was Missing for 2 Months!

In South Haven, Michigan Chloe survived the house fire which destroyed her home that she was sharing with her family and best furry friend Ringer. The dog finds Ringer hidden in the burnt house, 2 months later.

When one day Christine Marr decided to go back to the house and take Chloe with her, she had no idea that they were about to find their missing cat. Inside the house, in the dining area, Chloe was sniffing around and kept pointing her head at a small dark hole.

Christine used a flashlight and couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Ringer. He was really malnourished and lost half of his weight, but he was still alive and that’s all that mattered. After being reunited with his family, he began gaining his weight back and receiving lots of love.

Isn’t this simply amazing?

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