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Firefighters Rescued a Dog Protecting 4 Kittens from the Fire!

Sometimes, the feeling of our lives being in danger can make us think only of ourselves. Such was not the case with this brave dog called Leo, who showed his unconditional bravery even in the scariest moment. When the firefighters showed up to put out an alarming fire in a family house in Melbourne, Australia, almost all of the family members made it out safely. Everyone, except the second family dog, Leo.

The firefighters rushed into the home to see if they can save Leo, and saw that he was guarding the family’s four little kittens with his life. He was already unconscious by the time they reached him, but thanks to his bravery the kittens were successfully brought out to safety. Luckily, after receiving some
medical help Leo returned to his family, alive and well. What a little hero!

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