Fireman Saves Kitten at the Very Last Moment! I Just Shed Tears of Joy!

In one of the ads that have been posted from GoPro you will witness a heroic act. The video entitled Fireman saves kitten has gone completely viral over the past couple of months.

GoPro have been advertising their new HD HERO3 camera with the perfect slogan “Be a hero”. The video which was uploaded on their channel has melted the hearts of millions of viewers. The new HD HERO3 camera was attached to a fireman’s helmet and recorded the rescue of a little kitten.

Cory Kalanick was able to get the kitten out of the house filled with smoke which was laying on the ground unconscious. After giving the kitten an oxygen mask and covering it with a wet towel, at the end of the video the kitten regains its consciousness.

Did it tear you up a bit?

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