Fisherman Found a Small Kitten Who Started Asking for Love Right Away

What Jason thought was going to be just another chill day with his buddy, turned into a small kitty rescue. The fisherman had no idea that soon he is going to become a daddy to a small kitten that desperately wanted his attention.

She appeared out of nowhere and decided to cross the highway to get to where Jason and his friend were at. The little gray kitten came close to them and even attempted to climb on top of his bag. After a little while, her brother also appeared.

Jason and his friend simply couldn’t leave the little babies behind and decided to bring them home. Since there were no sign of their mother, they knew that the kittens shouldn’t stay alone.

He adopted the gray kitten and found another home for her brother. The thankful kitten even let them give her a bath without any complaints. Now she will be able to follow her daddy and cuddle with him as much as she likes.

Photo credits: radi0raheem via Imgur

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